can you use savingstar and paper coupons

where you have to meet a certain spending goal. . The best part is that the SavingStar discount is on top of your coupons and store savingsits a bonus! If digital love coupons you decide that you dont like it after trying it, you havent lost anything except 15 minutes of your time). 101 Websites To Get Free Printable Coupons. Target Cartwheel, target-exclusive coupons that can save you anywhere between 5 and 40 on everything from fresh produce to clothing to school supplies. If Im shopping somewhere and considering a purchase, I will usually check Amazon first to see how it compares in price! The website will track your progress towards completely the offer because you dont have to spend the whole 15 in one shopping trip, you can break it up into two or three trips as long as you complete it before the offer expires. A good example would be taking 1 off the spending goal for watching a short video. . Unlike some cash back sites, you can earn points for shopping in-store and online.

According to, savingStars terms of use, you are not supposed to use a manufacturers coupon along with a SavingStar coupon. If youre going to be buying paper towels and canned soup anyways, you might as well get money back for. Once again, youll have to pay the full price of the item upfront, but they will give you 100 cash back on whatever the free item of the month. Shopkick, earn points for shopping at your favorite stores. SavingStar automatically adds the value of each eCoupon redeemed into your SavingStar account. Couponing 101 This isnt exactly an app, but I do love having direct access to the website when Im out and about. While they do have a long list of grocery stores that let you work towards the deals, not every store does.

Jingit, watch short ads and scan products in store to earn cash! Load your store loyalty card numbers into your account. SavingStar coupons are a little different than other coupons, in that the savings do NOT come off at the register, instead the savings are deposited into your SavingStar account. No more wasting ink and paper by printing the vouchers or forgetting the vouchers at home (been there, done that)! This SavingStar app review is here to help you understand more about the company and how the app helps you save money. . Amazon This may seem like a strange app for saving money, but I actually use it quite often! Although, if you forget your rewards card, you can still take a picture and upload it through the website or app. Now that you have an account and have your loyalty cards synced, its time to start doing your shopping. For example, this weeks deal is 20 off a single purchase of loose pears. They call them One or Many ecoupons and they work like 4 off a 15 purchase of Nabisco crackers. . After you do this, youll find the icon on your phone, just like an app! Once you reach.00, you can request a payout via Paypal, Bank Transfer or Gift Cards.