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Garibaldi resent Goldblume's relationship with Gina. He is furious when he learns the department has made a deal with the shooter to catch bigger fish and that Furillo kept it from him. Downtown bean-counter looks for office supply thief on the Hill. " Remembrance of Hits Past " Flanked by Bernstein, Goldblume and Chief Daniels, Furillo is shot on the courthouse steps just prior to testifying against a recaptured gangster who fled prosecution seven years before. Jablonski's female nemesis comes to the station for a final bloody showdown. LaRue tells Furillo about his night with a murder victim's wife, but Mayo is suspicious of woman. " Stan the Man " Joyce is injured when a suspect scuffles with officers in the squad room, prompting Frank to clean her assailant's clock when the man attempts to take her hostage. Davenport finds herself looking down a gun barrel when the brother of the man she's defending silences the prosecution witness, and she ultimately is torn between her fears and her duty. At Frank's request, Joyce tries to round up legal representation for the troubled detective.

Paulin watches discount code
paulin watches discount code

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Hill and Renko find several skinned bodies of questionable origin. Daniels tries to short circuit Cleveland's corruption task force by exposing a network within the special vice detail - Furillo and Bernstein's six-week-old investigation leads them to three men. Hill and Renko mediate a dispute between a restuarant owner and his neighbor over a noisy marketing gimmick. And everyone's testy after negotiations between the police union and the city break down. Goldblume and Furillo clash over the use of Williams after the youth fears he's been exposed. Fisk moves into a crime-ridden housing project despite Furillo's warnings of a gang power struggle. Furillo enters the investigation and masterfully interrogates Donahue's girlfriend Mary who finally gives up the evidence needed by Buntz. Hill and Renko have numerous run-ins with an obnoxious shirt salesman. Goldblume offers to be Fay's natural childbirth coach. Yuletide cheer is in short supply as Furillo concentrates on finding four marauding youths who have already claimed several victims.

(Earl Phillips Richard Zavaglia (Unknown) writer: Peter Silverman; director: Don Weis Back to top 138. Calletano and Goldblume search for a missing boy. Russo and Flaherty's relationship takes a more intense turn.

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