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light. Multiple contributors Back to top Colorful Level 1 * Episode 12 - In this completely random anime about men getting glimpses of ladies' panties in any way they can, one episode has a high school girl who has already grown to a massive size (and. There's a brief scene with Wendy holding onto Batman and Robin, and at the end when everyone is growing back to normal, they get a little too big, but the effect is quickly reversed. While shrunken, Danny discovers that his ghost powers are slowly fading away so he must team up with Dash to get to the device to unshrink them, before he turns back to his human self. This time Alicia shrinks to a smaller size and is given a new outfit. At the end it was relieved that Discord didnt want Twilight to be invited despite the others wanted her to join them in their fun actives in order to teach her a friendship lesson. There he befriends a female giant Inma, who is "11 years old, 60 feet tall, fiery, feisty and a lot to control" and initially treats him like a living doll. Athena wins the contest, then tracks down Arachne (along with her mother) somewhere in the forest and punishes her for not only losing, but challenging a god. She wishes she could watch Keira performing near her palace. Twilight then approaches him showing off their size differences as she forgives him.

In the end, Natsumi sneezes everyone off her body, trapping everyone on the cat. Polly tickles the antidote right out of Simon.

After their hatred leaves them, the generals return to their true form of fairies. There are various minor interactions with Sara and Petra as a result. Later, Dark Materia takes Stank Foot's power and shrinks him down to normal, leaving Zevo-3 to battle the giantess herself. J.Turner Back to top Turbo Teen Level 0 * Micro-Teen - Not much is known about this short-lived 1984 cartoon from ABC.

From all around the world, there have been many movies, TV shows, OVAs, and manga/comics where a girl grows to gigantic heights or shrinks the man they love most. (2009) Level 0 * "Huh? The manga is only out in Japan at this time (to my knowledge) but thankfully has been fan translated into English. Hiro volunteers to become 002's partner and she kisses him response, activating Strelizia's true form (which resembles an armored giant woman). Next you see Julie, her little sister Katie is inspecting the big hole she made in the sewer tunnel thanks to Arclight. J.Turner and ThatRetro Back to top Musaigen no Phantom World Level 0 * Limitless Phantom World (Blu-ray special) - A UFO flies inside Reimu and causes her to grow gigantic. Manga 1 Manga 2 - Back to top War Planets: Shadow Raiders Level 0 * Season 1: Mind War - Lamprey continues to possess Princess Tekla's body, and inside that body, Tekla wages battle with Lamprey (with both growing in size as they fight). YouTube video of Tiffany GTS scene. At the very end of the episode, we find out that her father accidentally shrunk down (thanks to getting locked into a sauna due to an accident in the lobby) and Wendy picks up and carries off her smaller father. Miho, Taro, and Akiru get caught in a heavy rain. Not knowing what happened to Makoto, Sasami and Misao wonders on how to shrink her back to normal, they then hear the sudden reports of missing milk. After seeing that it was Lucy and her friend, Ben and Holly decide to play with them until they have to go home.

Peridot then reveals and attempts to surrender herself in exchange for the safety of her friends. Hare immediately has a nightmare scenario where Guu turns into a giantess and destroys the city like Godzilla, with flame breath and everything. Like in the other versions, Gulliver eventually finds his way to the island of giants and is taken care of by Glumdalclitch. They head over to where she lives, only to find that the place she lives in is filled with books. Alexa, Nori and Romy go to Malucia's palace, where they witness Malucia draining all the unicorns' magic into her scepter. The Forces of Evil Level 0 / There are a number of episodes (most notably Season 3, Episode 6B: Stranger Danger) where little Glossaryck is floating around normal-sized females like Star Butterfly.

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