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that attacks various cities across the globe, with the intention of extorting a hefty ransom from the United Nations. Zatanna responds that Catwoman has psychological wounds that would need healing. Poison Ivy's real name is, pamela Lillian Isley,. 60 61 In her first appearance, Poison Ivy tries to convince Batman to join her side and creates love potions that ensnare him. 77 78 This version is named Ivy "Pamela" Pepper 79 and is depicted as the young daughter of Mario Pepper, a petty criminal who is framed for the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. She was fired after proposing Bruce Wayne to develop chemicals that could brainwash people by triggering social or behavioral responses from them. Injustice series edit Poison Ivy is alluded in Injustice: Gods Among. After Batman refuses, she orders her guards to feed Batman to a giant Venus Flytrap.

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Soon afterwards, the Riddler, who is being chased and attacked by Hush, approaches Ivy and seeks her protection. Damage #46 (JuneAugust 2018). The following sodas are eligible:. Jason Woodrue, steals some of her Venom samples in order to transform a prisoner into Bane. DC Universe edit DC Comics began the next relaunch of its entire line of titles called DC Rebirth in June 2016. After the second plant blows up, Poison Ivy doesn't move into the third one, but she can't be damaged until that one blows. At first, Ivy's infatuation with Batman was one-sided; later stories presented the attraction as more mutual, but hindered by reluctance on Batman's part. Poison Ivy appears in "The War of Jokes and Riddles" story arc of Batman, where she allied herself with the Riddler in his war against the Joker. Retrieved July 3, 2018. 52 She controlled an entire tree to come down on Clayface, ensnaring him in its branches, and once brought a whole skyscraper down with giant vines.

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