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will work out whether trains on your chosen route use Madrid Atocha or Madrid Chamartin. . No fees to send over 100, plus up to 150 Amazon vouchers for larger transfers. The classic sleeper option may take longer, but it's cheaper and more time-effective, it saves a hotel bill, and in many ways it's nicer to have a soft sleeper with more room to spread out and chill out, a flat bunk to nap on when. Can I get cashback on top? The train stopped at stations twice a day so we could stretch our legs and have an unhindered smoke and buy snacks. . Map of Chinese railways. . At major stations you'll see a colourful LED display showing how many seats are left in each class on each main train departure today and for the next week. .

Back to top Like Hong Kong, Macau is a Special Administrative Area of the People's Republic of China, formerly a Portuguese colony. . Currencies Direct* Also a top pick for smaller amounts, Currencies Direct* has good rates and is fee-free if you've over 100 to transfer. This option is described in Matt Glaspole's report below. . These S130 trains operate the EuroMed services linking Barcelona with Valencia Alicante, as well as Alvia trains from Madrid to Cadiz Huelva. . I originally thought the problem was Telstra's DNS settings, but it does now seem to be Renfe website that's set up incorrectly. Booking in Beijing was relatively painless as they have a special booking office for foreigners." Traveller Graham Dawes took the Z-category sleeper train: "I successfully used "English Spoken" booking hall timberline season pass promo code window (which appears to change so look carefully over booking hall windows for the sign). How to buy tickets Finding boarding your train Luggage arrangements In Shenzhen, the high-speed G-trains use Shenzhenbei station Shenzhen North. . In spite of its name, berths are padded, bedding is supplied, and many budget western travellers prefer. . These run on many long distance routes, including Madrid-Ronda-Algeciras and Madrid-Granada. . In January, April, May, August, November, December it will run on even-numbered dates in 2017 and on odd-numbered dates in 2018. . In addition to a normal Chinese visa, foreigners require a special permit to enter Tibet. .

It should also cover cancellation and loss of cash and belongings, up to a sensible limit. . The Chinese term for this class is variously translated as VIP sightseeing, deluxe, premium or superior depending which website you're using. It has your reserved seat and coach numbers printed on it, along with your travel date, train time and journey. A few overnight D-trains are equipped as high-quality 200km/h sleeper trains.