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has perfected the craft that they are. Thats a big part of my diet, so I cannot imagine having the Blendtec permanently. If you can find one, go for. Not only does it help me create all my raw vegan dishes, but it saves me tons of time. . Its slightly more powerful than the Vitamix, coming in at 1560 Watts. Vitamix, this is the cream of the crop - the ultimate blender that everyone should own.

It grinds nuts and seeds, completely bursts the cell walls of plants to release that incredible chlorophyll, breaks down frozen fruit to make ice cream, in fact I havent found anything my Vitamix cannot. When trying to make a dip out of cashews, for example, you need to run the dip setting two to four times to get the same consistency with the Vitamix. AND - it's only 100! I bought my high powered blender the instant I decided the raw lifestyle was worth investing into. The Vitamixs 1380 Watts. Both locks are quite difficult to engage and after working with it for a half an hour, my fingers were starting to blister. The motor is ridiculously loud and slightly smelly (which the manufacturer says will wear off within six months). .

Com worth to be about 6,348 and estimates that it gets about 1,590 visits per day.
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