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gag her with his. "True, but they don't yoox app coupon do much good when the keyholes are facing away from my fingers!" Sam quickly answered, turning to show him. "Yes, and we'll have to celebrate!" Jillian said, perking. The dildo had similar metal plates but more in the shape of what looked like a 7" penis. Sam couldn't help but think how her actions were somewhat analogous to playing Russian roulette. It seemed tighter than the belt itself and despite her best efforts, it didn't budge an inch. Stepping in front of the door she carefully laid on the asphalt driveway. (1Yes, 2No displayed on the remote. With only a few more feet to go, she shuffled the remainder of the distance to the bottle. Sam drudged through another day before the belt finally allowed her some sleep.

I'm just going to cut the damn thing off!" Sam exclaimed. "Sorry if I startled you, I was driving by noticed some lights. She had wondered how the belt would know she was indeed locked and secure. Dark clouds continued to growl around her threatening to release their fury. It took several months to build with my limited budget but eventually I built a male version of the belt.

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